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Campground Location

Ottawa Municipal Campground
411 Corkstown Road,
Nepean, Ontario
Telephone (613) 828-6632

Contact Information

C. Donald (Don) Murphy
Park Manager,
Ottawa Municipal Campground
101 Centerpointe Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
K2G 5K7

All inquiries should be directed to the Park Manager above.

Ottawa Municipal Campground Authority

Chair Monique Beauregard
Vice Chair Ivan Barclay
Member Sue Hardman
Member Vincent Wong
Councillor Mark Taylor
Committee Coordinator Rosemary Theriault

Interested In Being Involved In Running The Campground?

The Campground is run by a Manager reporting to a semi-autonomous Campground Authority. The Authority is made up of volunteer Ottawa residents appointed by City Council. From time to time, new members of the Authority are recruited. If you are interested in being considered, contact the following:
Recruitment Coordinator
Council and Committee Services
City Clerk’s Office
110 Laurier Ave. West
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1J1



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